EuroClojure 2012 – Part 1

At the end of a very busy week was the highlight for me. EuroClojure 2012 was a chance to gather about 250 clojurians from Europe and further afield. There were keynotes from Stuart Halloway and Rich Hickey. Due to one speaker not being able to make it there was an extra talk from Rich Hickey so we heard more about the new Reducers library and Datomic. I gave a talk on Incanter. The code and presentation for that can be found on my github repo

Here are a few of the highlights for me.

Stefan Hübner gave a great talk on Cascalog. I love the idea of having a query language for local data, random bits of data and things on disk and in memory all the way up to a hadoop cluster. While Datomic looks really cool to play with once you have your data together, Cascalog looks like a great way of getting that data into a reasonable format.

Paul Ingles talk on Users as Data fit into this. What I took away was how lossy data warehouses are. Keeping as much data about user events (similar to the CQRS/eve(nt) talk from Max Weber). I’d love to have everything in Datomic, but I know I live in a messier world than that, so I’ll always end up using something like Cascalog. Events were again central to Zach Tellman’s talk on lamina.


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