FAQ: How much do I need to know before I come to the dojo?

Just today I was asked a question that I’ve been asked many times before:

What level of Clojure proficiency is needed, if any?

And my answer is — none whatsoever. We formed the dojo to learn clojure, which was a language that none of us knew at the time but we were all interested in.

Now we have people from a number of backgrounds – python and ruby programmers, java coders, lisp and scheme hackers, emacs lovers, haters and confused just to name a few.

Some people come now who use clojure professionally, but they often come away from the meetings having learned something new. I always come away having learned something new.

I hope we are and try to make the dojo a welcoming place for people of all levels of ability and experience. You and everyone else are more than welcome to come along.

We talk about the dojos and other clojure things in our own community on google groups here and you can find out about upcoming dojos on lanryd here

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