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Bruce is a co-founder and the CTO of Mastodon C where he is trying to save the world with clojure and big data. He is also one of the co-founders of the London Clojure User Group and helps the London Java Community and London Python Dojo. He likes pragmatically using lean, agile and kanban. Bruce loves automating drudgery away with a script, learning a new language in GNU emacs and generally talking nonsense.

How to run a London Clojure Dojo in 20ish easy steps

Running dojos is a lot of fun. It is also really easy. No one has to prepare a talk or a subject for the night. The most important thing is that everyone has fun. After that if people learn some … Continue reading

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EuroClojure 2012 – Part 2

EuroClojure for me was also about community and diversity. The community aspect of EuroClojure was obvious from the start. It was a great selection of friendly and welcoming people, which has always been my experience in the clojure community. During … Continue reading

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EuroClojure 2012 – Part 1

At the end of a very busy week was the highlight for me. EuroClojure 2012 was a chance to gather about 250 clojurians from Europe and further afield. There were keynotes from Stuart Halloway and Rich Hickey. Due to one … Continue reading

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FAQ: How much do I need to know before I come to the dojo?

Just today I was asked a question that I’ve been asked many times before: What level of Clojure proficiency is needed, if any? And my answer is — none whatsoever. We formed the dojo to learn clojure, which was a … Continue reading

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ciscratch notes

I’ve been having fun today sitting on a heating pad for a bad lower back and learning a bit of statistics, python, clojure and Incanter by porting Toby Segaram’s “Collective Intelligence” to clojure. My code is on github. Continue reading

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leiningen, clojure 1.2 and emacs

I had a bit of a struggle today. I was trying to have a play with defrecord in clojure 1.2 in preparation for the May dojo. This meant that I needed to move up to clojure 1.2 as defrecord is … Continue reading

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5th London Python Dojo

The London Python Dojo was a bit different again this time. We’ve had randori katas with all of us taking turns at the one computer connected to a projector. We’ve had a series of talks showing us some of the … Continue reading

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