Hello from org-mode

I’m reasonably proud of this little bit of elisp. I almost know what is going on. It uses a bit of normal emacs list manipulation stuff and some sugar from dash.el. So far it seems to work.

(use-package org2blog
  :ensure    t
  :config    (setq org2blog/wp-blog-alist
                   (->> (netrc-parse "~/.netrc")
                        (-filter #'(lambda (m) (string-match-p "wordpress.com" (cdr (assoc "machine" m)))))
                         #'(lambda (m)
                             (list (cdr (assoc "machine" m))
                                   :url (concat "https://" (cdr (assoc "machine" m)) "/xmlrpc.php")
                                   :username (cdr (assoc "login" m))
                                   :password (cdr (assoc "password" m))))))))

leiningen, clojure 1.2 and emacs

I had a bit of a struggle today.

I was trying to have a play with defrecord in clojure 1.2 in preparation for the May dojo. This meant that I needed to move up to clojure 1.2 as defrecord is new functionality. After much flailing, some help from technomancy and tcrayford on irc (Thanks!) I was able to get something up and running. Here is what works. Continue reading “leiningen, clojure 1.2 and emacs”