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How to run a London Clojure Dojo in 20ish easy steps

Running dojos is a lot of fun. It is also really easy. No one has to prepare a talk or a subject for the night. The most important thing is that everyone has fun. After that if people learn some … Continue reading

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EuroClojure 2012 – Part 2

EuroClojure for me was also about community and diversity. The community aspect of EuroClojure was obvious from the start. It was a great selection of friendly and welcoming people, which has always been my experience in the clojure community. During … Continue reading

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EuroClojure 2012 – Part 1

At the end of a very busy week was the highlight for me. EuroClojure 2012 was a chance to gather about 250 clojurians from Europe and further afield. There were keynotes from Stuart Halloway and Rich Hickey. Due to one … Continue reading

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FAQ: How much do I need to know before I come to the dojo?

Just today I was asked a question that I’ve been asked many times before: What level of Clojure proficiency is needed, if any? And my answer is — none whatsoever. We formed the dojo to learn clojure, which was a … Continue reading

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ciscratch notes

I’ve been having fun today sitting on a heating pad for a bad lower back and learning a bit of statistics, python, clojure and Incanter by porting Toby Segaram’s “Collective Intelligence” to clojure. My code is on github. Continue reading

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leiningen, clojure 1.2 and emacs

I had a bit of a struggle today. I was trying to have a play with defrecord in clojure 1.2 in preparation for the May dojo. This meant that I needed to move up to clojure 1.2 as defrecord is … Continue reading

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